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Are You Desiring to have Adventures and Fun Ride all Over the City?

Hoverboards is one of the best entertaining adventure’s device to move around the city in a stylish manner. Nowadays, every board is updated with the standard quality of material and the technology regularly by launching new models into the market. So that, you can have a safe ride with the advanced features of the hoverboard in India. Most of the people love to have an adventures ride on a hoverboard in a safe manner without harming their arms and legs

We, Hoverboards India offers the various models of hoverboards with advanced features to have a safe ride. If you are seeking to purchase the best standard product within an affordable price, then hoverboards India is the right platform to shop online in India. We offer various stylish hoverboards collections such as;  10 Inch boards, 6.5 Inch, 8 Inch, Black, Gold, Blue, Graffiti, Red and White Hoverboards. Browse best price list on our website.

All these various collections of hoverboards which are offering by hoverboards India are affordable to everyone. In hoverboardIndia.in, this product will be supplied in various sizes such as 10, 6.5 and 8 inches and net weight is nearly 15 kgs which can handle a maximum load of 120 kgs. Now these boards are available in the format of electric, where you can charge and have a fun ride. The outer body is build up with both durable and fire resistant, which helps to avoid the overheats of the battery system.

Most of the similar features that which are available in hoverboards offered by us:

  • Hoverboard runs with high-speed CPU that which gives ultra fast reaction while riding. Some boards come with monster tyres, which has great grip and holds a maximum weight of 120 kgs.
  • All these self-balancing scooters have updated with new safety standard for electric systems.
  • Original Samsung battery with 4400 MAH, where hoverboard can run for 10 to 12 miles with a full charge. Life of the battery will be 3 years until the water gets inside the battery.
  • The charger which is offered through hoverboard is Premium UL Certified. A special feature added to hoverboards is overcharging protection, Auto power offs will be activated when the battery was fully charged.
  • For those who love to listen to music are lucky enough to have Bluetooth speakers with Remote control, that which has 24 months extended warranty as well.
  • All the custom operations of your board can be controlled through the smart device app with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Boards are featured with a single control system with the premium high-performance motherboard.
  • The technology which is used for the hoverboard will be helpful to the rider to have a safe and smooth ride.
  • Speed protection alert will slow down the speeds of the board when the rider exceeds the maximum speed while riding.

Hoverboards India offers the best hoverboards with crazy features in it and this is the best online platform to shop hoverboards at a reasonable price. We, Hoverboards India not only supply the hoverboards and self-balancing scooters with multiple features but also satisfies our customers by giving the exciting offers and extend the warranty time period for an inbuilt system of hoverboards. We are one of the best suppliers of hoverboards in India for within less span of time.

To know more about the specific features of each and every hoverboard and hoverboard price in India, check out on hoverboardsindia.in. So still what you are looking for, stay back where you are and grab your smartphones to shop the best standard hoverboard that you is desired to have on Hoverboards India.

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Good product
it’s trending and attractive product.
And thanks a lot to hoverboards india for such great product.. we bought 6.5inch hoverboards for my kids.. nice design, great features at very affordable price.. 3 months completed going super.. thanks a lot

Amazing product. I have little bit fear about riding but,
My brother was using like a master rider.
It’s really great product.
And i am happy with the price. It’s an awesome product
No more words for this product
Simply i can say that
” I got enough stuff with less price

Loved it.
I bought this for my little son this Christmas it’s the best and very easy to operate. The product was awesome and definitely deserves 5 star.loved the product .i recommend everyone to buy. Thanks hoverboard

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